Reaping the benefits of massage

I recently published an article on how to get the most out of your massage sessions. Most of you have no doubt heard about the positive health benefits of massage includingreduced stress, better sleep, more mental clarity and more balanced moods. But do you know how to actually achieve these benefits from a massage? The key is regularity and consistency. Now as soon as I say those words most people may stop and think to themselves that they aren’t about to go getting a massage every week. Sure. Guess what? I don’t either. What I mean by that statement is that you need to set a regular schedule that fits into your lifestyle and budget and then be consistent with it.

Sure, for some people with high stress lives and less of an ability to cope a massage once a week is probably desirable, but for a healthy adult with mild stress and good coping abilities a massage once every four to six weeks is most likely adequate. Think about it this way: do you think that one or two massages a year is going to have a long term effect on your stress levels? Perhaps. If you only experience stress one or two times a year as well. One massage is not a cure all, though recent researchers at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center have proven that a single massage causes measurable results in the endocrine and immune systems of healthy adults. While a single massage can relieve you of a stiff neck, rid you of minor aches and pains and reduce stress temporarily, in general one massage is only a temporary fix for chronic issues like stress, insomnia, high blood pressure and migraines. It is with regular and consistent sessions that you will begin to see changes on a broader scale.

Another key issue is self care. How much of an effect a massage will have on you will depend greatly on what you do to take care of your self in between sessions. Obviously the better health you are in, the more responsive your body will be to accepting the changes massage will bring about. A body that is in constant defense mode from an unhealthy diet and lack of movement is less likely to relax and open up during a massage session. A healthy diet, regular exercise, stretching for flexible joints, time to relax and occasional epsom salt soaks are all ways you can maintain balance and take care of yourself at home.

In addition to links and information about healthy recipes and good stretches I have a wide circle of referrals for things like acupuncture, yoga and pilates instructors, fitness classes, nutritionists and holistic health counselors. I will occasionally spotlight some of these amazing practitioners but in the meantime I am always happy to pass any of these names along so please feel free to contact me!


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