Why Corporate Massage is Good business

The Corporate Shift Toward Wellness and Prevention

With the costs of health care still on the rise more and more employers are turning to preventative wellness programs to encourage healthy lifestyles and preventative self care among their employees. These programs generally offer access to services and incentives to promote healthy eating habits, regular exercise, stress reduction techniques and healthy lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and weight loss. Employers are realizing that keeping employees healthy in the first place costs less than treating sick ones down the road.

Corporate Chair Massage: A Critical Component of Any Corporate Wellness Program

More often than not you will find regular on-site chair massage included in these wellness programs. Why are employers including massage, a service notoriously equated with luxurious indulgence, in wellness programs designed to keep employees healthy in order to reduce the cost of health care? Because savvy employers are catching on to the latest research that is continuously proving that regular massage does in fact have many physiological benefits such as reduced stress, increased immune function, improved circulation and higher energy and mood levels.

Corporate Massage: Getting a High ROI While Keeping Your Most Valuable Assets Happy

But what about the costs? Smart employers are realizing that that the benefits of providing regular massage to employees far outweighs the costs of providing it. Not only does massage in the workplace offer many of the same benefits as a private table massage during personal time, but on-site corporate massage offers a host of benefits unique to the workplace and appealing to employers, including:

  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced occurrence of sick days
  • Increased productivity
  • Decrease in employee turnover
  • Increase in employee alertness
  • Decreases stress and ergonomic related injurie

Corporate chair massage boosts employee moral and efficiency

Regular 15 minute chair massages offered to employees not only makes them happier employees with an increased feeling of good will for their employers, but healthier, more efficient ones as well. And since employees are a company’s most valuable assets it makes since that employers would ant to keep them happy and healthy. In other words, on-site corporate chair massage is just good business.



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