Finding My Balance

Forget burning the candle at both ends … these days my candle has been burning at three or four ends! One would think that with a career as a massage therapist your days would be stress free and easy breezy. You show up give some very appreciative people some great bodywork and call it a day. But such is not the case! When you own your own massage therapy business, there is a whole lot of time and energy that goes into the business end of things before you can even get to the nice rewarding part of actually giving someone a great massage. I mean a whole lot of time and energy.

Business and Balance Logo

My recent blessing/curse is to have fallen in with a group of insanely inspirational and supportive women over at Business and Balance (a local networking group for professional women entrepreneurs) Blessing because this group has proven to be made up of the most wonderfully dynamic, diverse and supportive bunch of self-made women that I have ever met. And as the name suggests it’s not just about a bunch of women looking to build their businesses, but women who are looking to build fulfilling, satisfying lives and businesses that fit into their visions of what those lives should be. I leave our meetings feeling pumped! Inspired with new ideas, ways to expand my practice, new projects to take on, a  list of things I want to accomplish and the confidence that I can do them all. Which leads me to the curse part … man these ladies are creating work for me! My normally mile long list of things to do has morphed into a 5K and there are things on there that are pushing me outside my comfort zone. And to top it all off I now have a group of people who care that I am accountable to  because let’s face it, sometimes being accountable to yourself just isn’t enough.

Alas, it is what I thrive on. I am simply not satisfied with mediocre and pushing beyond my limits challenges me and keeps me excited about my work. To build a massage therapy practice that can sustainably support itself, me and my family for years to come is, in fact, something worth working for. Add to that some other interesting new “projects,” being a mom and maintaining a household and … phew! Sometimes my head is spinning so fast I don’t know which way is up or down!

Leave it to my little angels over at Business and Balance who will occasionally sit on my shoulder and whisper “What about you lady? What are you doing to take care of you?” And right they are! I may preach it to my clients, but sometimes need a little reminding myself that it is imperative to take a time out every now and then.

So I am officially adding that to my list of things to do because you bet it needs to be scheduled in. And so should you! Need somewhere to start? If you are looking for an interesting form of mediation that involves “mindful writing”  – the act of fully experiencing the moments in your lives by aligning yourself with the moment and to express the experience with lucidity – you can check out this monthly Writing as Meditation workshop offered by Tara Maria Ford. Or maybe get in touch with Jessica Barragan over at Truly Madly Fit for some fitness inspiration and goal attainment. (FYI – keep an eye out for an inspirational guest post by Jessica coming soon!) Or hop on over to Write Up My Life for Julie Hedlund’s list of her 200 favorite books of all time for a little guidance on your next great read.

As for me? Well, my Business and Balance nights are actually a welcome respite from my day to day, a regularly scheduled night out with the girls is a must and I’ve taken up a running buddy for bi-weekly jaunts around the neighborhood. I’ve started knitting again – one of my all time favorite hobbies. And I have vowed to find time to read and finish one new book a month – something I get utter joy from doing.

This week’s post in a nutshell? Hit the PAUSE button for even a few minutes every day. Reward yourself for all that hard work and multi-tasking by feeding your soul with a good book, an inspiring class, a good workout or a good friend over a good glass of something or other. I give you permission!



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