The Power of a Partner

As I sit here this morning it is a gray, gray rainy day and I am secretly hoping that the rain won’t stop. You see if it keeps raining I will be forced to abandon my Monday morning run in lieu of more favorable pursuits, such as … curling up on the couch with a book, trying out a new recipe for dinner, staring at the wall and daydreaming … you know, anything but working out. I know, I know I shouldn’t have this attitude, but sometimes motivation is a real issue for me. Did I say sometimes?

Which means that even if it does stop raining I will be able to come up with 101 brilliant and compelling excuses not to go running. I mean, really, I do need a new pair of running sneakers and it is just bad taste to run in worn out clothes. Right?

But alas, I will not be making any excuses this morning and that is because I have someone else besides my easily swayed, not-so-easily-motivated self to answer to. I have a running buddy. And it is not just my wellness plan I will be sabotoging if I decide to abandon the run, but her’s as well. And the shame of admitting I am just too lazy to go today far outweighs my embarrassment over the pencil tip sized hole in the hem of my running shirt. (Like I said: brilliant excuses!)

Which leads me to the lesson of the day: If you are a lazy, unmotivated, excuse-making procrastinator (Like me!) … get a buddy. Having someone else who shares your fitness goals makes working out so much more fun. The workout goes by quick and it is so much harder not to stick to your plan when you are both counting on each other for motivational support. Before you know it you may find yourself looking forward to your scheduled workout times.

No go find a workout buddy and stop making excuses! Unless, of course, it’s raining …


Juliette Wilk is the founder of  Life Balance Massage in Oakland, CA.She has been interested in wellness for as long as she can remember and has been a massage therapist for almost ten years. Recently she has begun writing on a variety of wellness and self care topics ranging from emotional balance to stretches that address issues of chronic pain. Visit her website to learn more or to schedule a massage.

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