Frown Lines – Be Gone!

Tired of people mistaking your face for a scowl? Plagued by the dreaded crease between the eyes? Well, this week’s Balanced Living tip let’s you in on a little secret: Your brow bone has muscles too and that crease between your eyes comes from the chronic contraction of the eyebrows while trying to figure out why your husband can’t seem to close a kitchen drawer once it’s been opened. Oh, sorry – that’s just my crease line!

Want to make that bothersome crease disappear? Massage it out so the muscles relax! Using your thumb, start at the very center of your brow bone and smooth the muscle outward. Use a good strong pressure here. (Warning: this can be uncomfortable!) Start at the center again and smooth toward the opposite side. As your are smoothing out, stop on the spots that feel very tender and apply steady pressure with your thumb till the discomfort dissipates. Do this several times over until it starts to be more comfortable. Then, one eyebrow at a time, follow the brow bone from the center of the face to the outer edge and “pick up” and squeeze the muscle that runs underneath your eyebrow with your thumb and forefinger. Hold each squeeze for a few moments (Again this is not very comfortable) release and keep repeating all the way to the edge of the eyebrow. Repeat several times until it feels more comfortable.

You’ll want to concentrate the most squeezing and pressure toward the center of the brow. This is also where it will be most uncomfortable. But don’t worry, that discomfort is just your facial muscles holding onto the “frown” for dear life. Don’t let them win!


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