Gratitude / Attitude

Photo by Jessica.Tam via Flickr

I consider myself a (very) positive person. I’ve always seen the silver lining, been able to find humor in most any situation, taken life in stride and believed that obstacles were challenges meant to make you stronger. But even the most positive person can be bogged down by life’s stressors sometimes. And for me, that happened sometime over the past year. I’m not really sure when or how, but at some point a series of personal stressors just got the best of me and I lost a bit of the energy and perspective I’ve always considered to be my greatest assets.  But the how, why or when doesn’t really matter. What matters is that the fog of funk that had followed me around has lifted and left me with a sparkling new appreciation and gratitude for just about everything in my life. My family, my friends, my work, my home, my city … even the comparatively unimportant nature of above said stressors. Life is good. Even at it’s worst (for me) it is still very, very good.

This re-found positive energy, in combination with a few recent articles surrounding the topics of the effect of positive attitude on health, and the basic components of character has gotten me thinking more about just how good it feels to be grateful. And on top of that I’m feeling so grateful that I do feel grateful! I consider the capacity for optimism and the ability to be a happy windfall of nature. The intense pleasure I get from small moments like the church bells outside my office on a stunningly sunny and warm day make me feel that all is right with (my part of) the world. Because so long as I can revel in the small everyday moments around me there will always be something to smile about.

So now to my point: to express my gratitude to the  people and friends I call “clients” who have supported and encouraged my massage work, thus allowing me to make a living on my own terms. Each day of “work” I appreciate the fact that I am doing something I want to be doing for a whole variety of wonderful people. My “work” may be only one component of what makes me happy in my life  – but it is a pretty big one. So, thank-you.

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