Tell Migraine Pain to Cool It

Balanced Living Tip #113
Tell that head pain to cool it – with ice

Next time you have a headache or worse, a migraine, try this trick: lay
on your back with your upper body slightly elevated and your head
supported by pillows in a quiet dark place and surround your head with
ice packs. (The flexible gel filled ones work best) Place them at the
base of your skull, across the top of your head and over your forehead
for starters, but feel free to add more anywhere that feels good.

The ice works as a vaso-constrictor to reduce the flow of blood to your
head and the cold temperature numbs the area like an anasthetic.

Give it a little time, try to catch a 15-30 minute catnap while you lay
there to allow yourself to really relax into it.

Read more about the How and Why of Ice here.



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